About Us
About Us
The company is a purely online platform (owned by BLKLN JC SUKSES MANDIRI).
 The platform provides free of charge to any partner of an employment company
 that operates foreign workers in Indonesia and the Philippines. 
It specializes in working with agencies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. 
A large number of foreign domestic helpers from Indonesia and the Philippines
 were introduced. This platform authorizes any company to use it at no charge.
 The original intention of this platform is to facilitate the use of Pavilion
 intermediaries and training centers.
 This platform hopes to provide the best bridge between Chinese companies and employers.
 Quality and uninterrupted choice. 
This platform hopes that the information of maids on various intermediary companies
 and training centers will be updated daily 
and accurate to ensure that employers can be on the websiteWhat you see is the latest maid, 
try to make employers feel at ease and at ease. The account users registered on this 
platform can also arrange all maids
 to use Skype to directly interview with the employment agent or employer.
 The platform declares as follows, and this platform does not assume any legal responsibility.
 This platform welcomes any intermediary and employer inquiries.
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